HAI and AEA Team on New Mx SMS Program

 - June 30, 2022, 3:22 PM

The Helicopter Association International (HAI) is working with the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) to provide their safety management system (SMS) for aircraft maintenance at no additional cost to HAI members. “We couldn’t be happier working with AEA in providing their proven, standardized SMS maintenance program to the teams that turn the wrenches,” said HAI president and CEO James Viola. “Combined, this tool chest offers some of the most needed tools available for improving safety programs at any size business.”

Since introducing its SMS program to members last year, HAI has expanded it to include a scalable SMS program for helicopter operators, an aviation safety action program (ASAP), a flight risk assessment tool (FRAT), and, now, the SMS program for aviation maintenance. Last year, HAI announced a partnership with Air Charter Safety Foundation to make its ASAP program available to HAI members.

HAI then introduced a software-based SMS program to its members through Wyvern, the Air Charter Safety Foundation, and Baldwin Safety and Compliance. During Heli-Expo 2022, HAI announced a partnership with Switzerland-based NGFT Solutions to offer a new FRAT module to HAI members.

HAI members can register for the new maintenance SMS program.