NBAA Stepping Up Communications with Regional Groups

 - August 10, 2022, 12:33 PM

NBAA’s Local and Regional Group Committee is planning to hold quarterly meetings with state and regional business aviation associations to increase communications between the organizations. "It’s vital that our respective associations speak with a singular voice on national issues, as we’ve seen recently with matters like ATC privatization,” said Steve Hadley, NBAA’s senior director of regional programs and Southwest regional representative. At the same time, Hadley added that NBAA would like to better support these groups on their regional issues.

NBAA held the first such meeting in late May, focusing on the resources it had to support the groups as the business aviation community attempts to emerge from the pandemic. “The past couple of years have certainly been challenging to navigate,” said NBAA Local and Regional Group Committee chair Kyle Eiserer, who is the owner of Airside FBO. “Some groups remained active [during the pandemic], but others are just now coming out of hibernation, in a sense. It’s really important for them to have the latest information and resources available.”

Another focus is on workforce development, and Eiserer noted that regional groups can provide insights and new ideas that could help at a national level. “Getting out in front of up-and-coming generations is so important,” he said.