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JetSolution Begins Charter Operations

 - April 17, 2019, 5:20 PM
The cabin of the Legacy 600 features a series of luxury amenities. (Photo: JetSolution)

Hong Kong-based JetSolution will begin its first air charter operation on Thursday evening on a flight from Shanghai to Hong Kong using the company's own Embraer Legacy 600 that was on display this week at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport for ABACE 2019. The inaugural flight will carry seven passengers from Hongqiao to Hong Kong International Airport. Business jet consulting firm JetSolution announced it would launch its own charter operation on Tuesday at ABACE.

Its Legacy 600 is U.S.-registered (N888JK) because the company wants to meet what it perceives as the higher standards of the U.S. FAA's Part 135 charter regulations. China only allows six legs flown within the country for foreign-registered aircraft, but JetSolution president Jackie Wu said about 70 percent of charter queries are for overseas trips, and domestic flights are usually shuttle services between two cities. Hence, she added, there will be almost no impact to N888JK’s operations from that rule.

Meanwhile, the Hong Kong-based company is promoting its exclusive Bhutan charter service. According to JetSolution managing director Kennis Fu, Bhutan is becoming one of the most popular destinations for Chinese travelers, especially for Buddhist clients. She estimates a five-day charter to Bhutan with full ground concierge service costs around $85,000.

Wu emphasized that the company has layover rights for its aircraft at Paro Airport, thanks to diplomatic access with the government of Bhutan. That helps to reduce the operating costs and thus allow JetSolution to offer a more competitive rate to clients. In addition, in accordance with FAA Part 135, the Legacy 600 pilots are also certified and trained to fly into the challenging conditions of Paro Airport and undergo regular simulator training.  

JetSolution’s Legacy 600 recently underwent a $635,000 retrofit that features Hermès textiles and toiletries, Christofle crystal-ware, and Wedgwood by Vera Wang silverwares.