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Phillips 66 Rodeo, California petroleum refinery facility
May 12, 2022 - 10:18 PM
Phillips 66 has decided to begin conversion of its major San Francisco area petroleum refinery into one of the world’s largest renewable fuels facilities.
Refinery quality manager examining flask of SAF
Apr 26, 2022 - 3:40 PM
A broad-based coalition consisting of nearly 80 aviation stakeholders is urging Congress to enact a blender's tax to spur SAF investment.
World Energy's Paramount Refinery
Apr 25, 2022 - 12:22 PM
World Energy is renovating its sustainable fuel refinery in Paramount, California, which upon completion in 2025 will massively increase its output.
Apr 20, 2022 - 5:46 PM
Idaho’s Friedman Memorial Airport (KSUN) in Hailey closed this week for a month-long runway, taxiway, and apron rehabilitation project. ⁠
Fuel tank facility
Apr 20, 2022 - 1:46 PM
Colonial Pipeline, one of the major fuel carrying arteries feeding the U.S. East Coast, can now carry sustainable aviation fuel.
Reaction Engines test article (Photo: Reaction Engines)
Apr 20, 2022 - 11:47 AM
Reaction Engines is incorporating modifications to its facility in Colorado for the next phase of high-Mach/temperature propulsion technology tests.
SAF production facility
Apr 13, 2022 - 10:34 AM
President Biden has reaffirmed his commitment to sustainable aviation and sustainable aviation fuel in remarks yesterday at an Iowa biofuel plant.
Lineworker at Hong Kong Business Aviation Center refuels a business jet
Apr 4, 2022 - 1:03 PM
The petroleum sanctions placed on Russia are having an effect on jet-A pricing in the U.S., particularly on the East Coast.
Nancy Bsales, COO at aviation sustainability consultancy 4AIR.
Mar 30, 2022 - 11:40 PM
With many aviation companies setting carbon reduction goals, carbon offsets represent a near-term solution as SAF ramps up in volume.
Keith Sawyer, Avfuel’s manager of alternative fuels.
Mar 30, 2022 - 10:19 PM
With the aviation industry searching for ways to reduce its carbon footprint, sustainable aviation fuel represents the most immediately available tool.